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About J-Workout

The Unique Gym in Asia for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

■ J-Workout introduction movie

J-Workout (J.W.), the only training gym in Japan for people with spinal cord injuries (SCI), is a partner company of Project Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center (P.W.), the world leader in the field of SCI recovery.
Jun Watanabe, the founder of J.W., had spent thousands of hours to train people with SCI at P.W. as a Specialist (the best title at P.W.). He strongly hoped to bring his knowledge and skills back to Japan. and , he founded J.W. In 2007.
Since the time of J.W.'s foundation, we have built original training machines, and have developed original training methods suitable for Asian people. In addition, we have provided the evidence based training to our clients for more effective recovery.
We have already provided almost 250 clients ( August 2013) with our trainings and obtained positive results in their recovery.

Corporate philosophy

J-Workout staff
■ J-Workout staff

"Move" Peoples heart


- Developing Certified Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Trainers
- Helping the Recovery of maximum People with Spinal Cord Injuries

【Core Value】

- To have passion and strong will
- To value surprise
- To pursue own growth
- To promote changes
- To communicate as much as possible
- To be modest
- To value own health


■J-Workout Training


■ J-Workout Homeprogram (manual & DVD)

Trial Training Program Program : 3-hour training × 3 days = Total 9 hours
Price : JPY150,000(+ tax)
※Including the fee for personal training, counseling with a medical doctor, insurance, using the facility, and registration fee.

■Contents of the Trial Training Program

【1st Day (3h)】
・ Counseling with a medical doctor (0.5h)
→Questions about the client's medical history
→Medical examination for the client's condition

・Counseling with trainers (0.5h)
→Questions about rehabilitation history
→Explanation about J-Workout's training

・Evaluation of the client's body condition (2h)
→Sensory tests
→Manual Muscle Test
→Active Measurement Scale

【2nd Day (3h)】
・Training (2.5h)
→Training session
・FES Training (0.5h)
※FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)
→Passive bicycle training with electrical stimulation
(*Done at the clinic)

【3rd Day (3h)】
・Training (2.5h)
→Training for recovery
・Counseling with trainers and an office staff (0.5h)
→Completion of the training in the trial training program (includes Q&A)
→Explanation about the process to be a member of J.W.
(by an office staff)

Home Program Home Program
(Training program done at home )
Price:JPY150,000(+ tax)

■Contents of the Home Program

・Original Personal DVD(Videos explaining each basic home program training / Videos shot during trial training)
・Training manual + Personal training menu
・Lecture about the home program training menus to the client and family members / a person who helps training at home

・It takes about 1 month to edit the original DVD and to send to your home.

If you order the home program, please bring at least a person to whom we can give home program lecture. If you have any questions, please ask us before you order the program.

*You can reserve the actual training sessions as soon as the trial training is done.

Contact Us

■ J-Workout exterior

2-17-13, No.2 Kamei Bldg 3F, Kiba
Kouto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0042
TEL : (+81)3-5809-9390 FAX : (+81)3-5809-9391
MAIL : info@j-workout.com